Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sam Goes To Canada

I have a bad habit of letting my wander. Sometimes this causes me to forget things, like taking the right exit off of the highway, or putting a check mark on that document at work. I occasionally wonder if I should ask a doctor to prescribe Adderall (the ADD drug that's supposed to help you focus) for me except: 1. He probably wouldn't and 2. It's not worth the side effects. Maybe I should try those supplements that are supposed to...what was I saying again? Sorry, lost my train of thought.

Oh Canada, nothing personifies you like maple syrup, moose, beavers, hockey, and snow...lots of snow. For a further in depth analysis on Canada click here

If you're wondering how Ulf and Sam are communicating, they're each wearing a teeny tiny headset underneath all that fur. Their phone service? Furizon.

Sam might be a little chilly in all that snow. Mr. Beaver, would you mind letting him borrow your hat? I don't think sloths were meant for that cold of an environment.

In other news, I made this comic with a free demo of Manga Studio. Nedroid said he uses it, so I'm giving it a try. I found a tutorial on youtube, so I kind of know how it works now, although trying to watch a video and use the program at the same time was a bit of a challege. I think it came out better than the MS Paint strip. Maybe not great, but better. Plus, it's easier to use. I told myself that if I actually keep doing this I'll look into buying it so I can do things like use the "Save As" command. Also, a tablet would be nice.


  1. Five Iron Frenzy!!! That is too awesome. Hope your new program works out for you, because MS paint is ridiculous to use sometimes.

  2. Agreed. I'm also playing around with paint.net, which is like MS Paint only a lot better.