Thursday, September 8, 2011


An original comic strip with not so original ideas 


I'm an average joe schmo with a fondness for comic strips, so I've decided to make one! Or attempt it anyway. Unfortunately, my artistic skills are, amateur, to put it nicely. MS Paint is about the only art related program I know how to use. While I'd love to learn, the price of classes and software is more than I can afford. But I decided, why let that stop me? After all, Charles Schulz was once told he was a terrible artist (I don't have a source, I think I read it in an inspirational quote book somewhere).

I hope to use this as an outlet to grow, learn, and have fun. Although my dream job is to work at Pixar, I don't think this will develop into anything more than a hobby. With any luck I'll learn to draw and someday figure out how to use awesome graphics software and put out high quality, hilarious, thought provoking lovable comics. For now, MS Paint is my friend.

The plan is to post some comics which I hope, at the very least, will make you smile inwardly. We shall see what develops.

-Ulf (which is also the name of my unoriginal wolf up there)

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