Friday, September 9, 2011

Playing with limited

I am at a serious disadvantage with this whole "I don't know how to do anything" crap. I made the original picture in Microsoft Paint, opened it up in Microsoft Word, copied it three times, added borders and sized it, made a screen shot and copied it back into MS Paint, cropped the image from the rest of the screen shot, then added text boxes. This seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Oh, in MS Paint, after you write something in a text box you can't go back into it later. It either has to be undone or erased.

It was still kind of fun, though. I'll have to make due with this kind of format until I get better at something else. I've got a demo of Manga I've been playing around with a little, and I downloaded a free program called Inkscape. I've also considered scanning images from a sketchbook. 

Hopefully I'll keep getting better at this.

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