Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning is Hard!

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, as my Tiger Mom says, and you can't truly appreciate something until you are really good at it. This isn't entirely true. I'm enjoying futzing around on these comic strips, although my Tiger Mom would be ashamed if she knew that I spend time working on cartoons.

I have this dysfunction. I decide I like something, try it for myself, get frustrated that I'm not very good at it, then give up. Around and around it goes. Practice makes perfect, but until perfection practice is tedious. This is where I fall off the band wagon. Playing a few simple songs on guitar is fun at first, but then I despair because I'm not at the level I wish I was at. I know in my head with enough practice I could be good, but run into trouble trying to get motivated enough to make it happen. This is probably why teachers make their students play in recitals, to set a clear and concise goal to work toward. 

Mr. Bear shares my shortcoming. He's tried a lot of things but gave up before he was any good at them. Don't even get him started on sports. One thing he has become in expert in is how to use the remote control.

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